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Life of Agony Bassist’s ‘Crawl to Me’ Adaptation Finds Writers



Talk about interesting timing. Over the past week I’ve been jamming to some early Life of Agony, and then sitting in shock after learning frontman Keith Caputo is now named “Mina”. But I digress…

Some fresh progress on the live action adaptation of the IDW comic Crawl to Me, the creation of Agony bassist Alan Robert, which is to be directed by Saw DP David A. Armstrong.

Noise Creep is reporting that screenwriters David White and T.J. Cimfel have recently signed on to pen the screenplay. Robert will produce, alongside his partners Jeff Mazzola (The Descent) and Christopher White (“My Super Psycho Sweet 16” franchise).

The recently published IDW comic, which takes place in an isolated country town during the frigid winter months, centers on a young family as they cope with a series of disturbing events that force them to question their relationship, their faith and their very existence.


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