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3 Inches Of Blood Guitarist Shane Clark Shares His Top 10 Horror Movies



Shane Clark, guitarist of the heavy metal band 3 Inches Of Blood, is a HUGE horror fan. I know, I’ve spoken to him about it a few times and it can’t be denied that the man loves his horror flicks. So he decided that he wanted to share some of his personal favorites with you, the readers of Bloody-Disgusting. Below you can see his top choices, which isn’t the usual “go to” picks like NOES, TCM, etc… Rather, Shane has picked a list that is comprised mainly of indies or foreign films, a few of which I actually haven’t seen (shame on me). Check out his list below and leave your thoughts!

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Near Dark– This is a great 80’s vampire movie that has Lance Henrikson and a young Bill Paxton in it. I liked it when I was young because it had a more realistic approach to the classic Vampire story.

Rubber– I can appreciate an original idea in the day and age of the constant remaking of classic films. This movie is great for no reason.

28 Days Later (Kinda obvious)- I saw this the first time at the Vancouver premier and had no idea what it was about. Hadn’t seen a trailer or commercial. I had eaten some psilocybin mushrooms beforehand and I had the most frightening movie experience of my life. From the screaming monkeys all the way to the end I wanted to run out of the theatre but I was too captivated.

Cube– This Canadian made sci-fi movie is the first of three Cube movies, and it’s a perfect mix of psychological/horror. I was really drawn to the death scenes for their originality at the time. There’s a part 2 and a prequel.

Kichiku– This is a rare Japanese movie that isn’t horror per se, but it is very gory and has Japanese social commentary. I saw it at the Cinemuerte film fest in Vancouver about 10 years ago and it still makes my top ten gory films of all time.

Bride of Re-Animator– Herbert West is one of my favourite characters. Bride… is a total bloodbath compared to the first one and a little more entertaining to me. Kinda like Hellraiser 2

Slither– I like this movie for its blend of humour and horror. It has that total “Night of the Creeps” vibe to it but adds its own thing to it. Micheal Rooker is a bonus as well.

Paranormal Activity 1-3 (also Obvious) This kinda shit creeps me right out. The third movie has a great nod to Rosemary’s baby, and its great how all three are prequels in a way.

Habit– This is best vampire movie out there that tries to be as believable as possible. It’s got a gritty vibe to it and is 100% opposite to the cornball Vampire/ 13 year old girl/Hollywood thing that has been happening with Vampires the last while.

Wolf Creek– I kind of look at this as an Australian Texas Chainsaw type movie. The character development is very good in this movie, which makes it even that much more bleak.

Human Centipede 2– I’ve seen lots of underground gross-out movies, lots of bad taste type movies a la Serbian Film, but I think this movie wins. It’s very consistent with its uncomfortable situations and has great original ideas. I laughed, I was grossed out, I may not need to see this again.