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Exclusive Story Details For Top Secret ‘Last Exorcism’ Sequel!



While I don’t have a competitive nature, there’s something deep down in my soul that doesn’t like to be challenged. Case in point, both press releases for Vigilandia and Dark Skies stated that the plot was under wraps, which presented the challenge: could I find out what they’re about? It took some work, but I broke both plots exclusively on Bloody…

Point: StudioCanal’s The Last Exorcism 2 has been shrouded in secrecy. In fact, we’re still unclear if the IMDB casting is correct. All we know, officially, is that Ashley Bell returns as Nell Sweetzer, the possessed young girl, and that Ed Gass-Donnelly is directing. That’s it, and that’s not enough.

I did some digging and hit some gold. While I’m still unclear if it will once again be found footage (it doesn’t really lend itself to it), I did learn that it will in fact be a sequel.

Here’ what I got for you guys. The sequel follows Nell (Bell) who, six months after the first film’s events, has move to a halfway house only to realize that the demon that has ruined her life is still after her! Without giving anything away, the sequel takes an interesting romantic approach that’s spun around Nell’s new boyfriend, Chris (I’m not sure who’s playing the character). A subplot is that Bell is also targeted by a group of rogue Reverends who mean to kill her. The twist is something never before seen in an exorcism film.

I think you guys are going to LOVE it. Thoughts?