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Exclusive: Read ‘Crawl To Me’ #1 For FREE



Crawl To Me is an incredibly dark, utterly terrifying, and shockingly real horror story that critics and fans alike have been raving about for the past year. Written and illustrated by Alan Robert, bassist for Life of Agony, this is a book that showcases just how scary horror comics can be. Robert is quickly making a name for himself as a premiere storyteller in the comics industry, and “Crawl To Me” is beautiful display of his command over the medium.

The book follows the story of a Ryan and his struggling family as they move into a new home. However, not all is as it seems as Ryan soon discovers he’s got a deeply perverted neighbor, and his basement his home to a strange crawl space that breeds evil, terror, and insanity. This is a brilliant story that will stay in your mind long after you flipped the final page, and with a film adaptation in the works, you don’t want to miss it. Thanks to the fine folks at IDW, and Alan Robert, you can now read the first issue absolutely free!

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