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Debbie Rochon Tells Self-Aware Horror Tale, ‘Model Hunger’



There’s nothing more thrilling than power saws and vacuums plugging into the screen to suck, tuck, and dismember unsuspecting young women for your viewing pleasure. It’s equally intoxicating when the director herself has starred in these roles hundreds of times.

Veteran genre model/actress Debbie Rochon (Theatre Bizarre, Colour From the Dark) is crossing over the lens in her directorial debut with the self-aware horror film, Model Hunger.

Written by executive producer James Morgart (Won Ton Baby!) and produced by Gregory Lamberson (Slime City, Slime City Massacre) and Shannon Lark (Ludlow), Model Hunger is a terrifying perspective of what can happen when the industry pushes one woman too far and the horrifying domino effect that hacks, grinds, and amputates the unlucky women crossing her path.

Model Hunger is slated for production this summer with a talented cast to bring the horror straight to your voyeuristic eyes. For now, stampede over to the Facebook page and pledge your undying devotion to the blade.

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