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Bloody Disgusting Selects Netflix Round-Up; Queue Up For Summer Horror!



With our Bloody Disgusting Selects still pounding out the horror, our Netflix collection is growing, thus we thought a little round-up was warranted. Below you’ll find all titles available on Netflix, add ’em to your queue, and then return to tell us what you thought! As always, thank you for the continued support.

YellowBrickRoad: “A small team of explorers heads into the New Hampshire wilderness to investigate the unexplained disappearance of the residents of Friar, who left their homes 70 years earlier — without their money, their clothes or a word about where they went.Add to Netflix queue.

Rammbock: “Hoping to reunite with his ex-girlfriend, a lovesick young man drops in to see her but instead finds a brash teen plumber — and before you can say “the undead,” the twosome must barricade the door against a legion of insatiable zombies.Add to Netflix queue.

Cold Fish: “In this bloody shocker inspired by a true story, Nobuyuki Syamoto — the downtrodden proprietor of a tropical fish business — finds himself drawn into the world of a twisted serial killer and his equally psychotic young wife.Add to Netflix queue.

Phase 7: “When a deadly outbreak of influenza holds the residents of a quarantined apartment building hostage, Coco and his pregnant wife, Pipi, must form a tentative partnership with an unstable but well-stocked neighbor.Add to Netflix queue.

Atrocious: “When Spanish police discover a crime scene in which a family has been brutally murdered, they turn their attention to the most riveting evidence — 37 hours of videotape. Soon, new evidence comes to light that there may be more victims.Add to Netflix queue.

Chop: “After accepting a ride when his car breaks down, Lance finds himself tortured by a man from his past he can’t remember who holds a grudge for events Lance has forgotten. Now Lance must choose between saving the life of his brother or his wife.Add to Netflix queue.

The Woman: “When hunter and backwoods lawyer Chris Cleek (Sean Bridgers) brings home a feral woman (Pollyanna McIntosh) he found lurking in the woods, he locks her in the shed and orders his family to actively participate in her “civilization.” But they take to the task with varying enthusiasm. And the more the Woman resists their attempts to make her human, the farther away the family gets from true humanity.Add to Netflix queue.

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