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[Contest] Comment To Win Some Badass ‘Metro: Last Light’ Swag



Hey there. How are you? Good, I hope. Historically, Tuesday’s tend to be largely uneventful. That’s why I’d very much like to ninja kick that trend squarely in the jaw–because I can totally get my leg up that high, no problem–by giving away some Metro: Last Light swag. Who doesn’t like free swag? Nazis, that’s who. A few weeks ago I gave out a few codes for Metro 2033, but this week the prizes are a little more tangible. They’re things you can touch, fondle, maybe even rub your face on them a bit, no one’s judging here. Head past the jump for more.

Here’s what I have:

x2 L Shirts
x2 XL Shirts
x3 Posters

This means there will be four winners, with three lucky people getting a poster/shirt combo and a fourth who will get a shirt.

Here are the rules:

I want you to comment on this article telling me what you’d bring with you in the event of a nuclear Armageddon. The bombs are dropping, all the shit that can hit the fan is totally hitting it and you only have enough time to bring one thing with you. In order to weed out the boring comments, this assumes you already have plenty of weapons, ammunition, food and water. I want this to be personal, so it doesn’t need to be necessary for your survival. It can be a family photograph, a pet, a blow up doll you’re particularly fond of, etc.

Winners will be chosen on July 6th, so keep an eye on your PM inbox around that time.

In case you need a little extra motivation–though, seriously, all you have to do is comment–below are a few pictures of the prizes. We need to find these bad boys a home, otherwise I’ll be forced to plaster my walls with the posters and wear all four shirts at once. I’d look ridiculous, and no one wants that.

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