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Pranksters Need ‘Nightlight’ To Survive Supernatural Attack



Indie supernatural thriller Nightlight, directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods from their own script, has unveiled a cast of Shelby Young (pictured; The Midnight Game , “American Horror Story”), Chloe Bridges (Forget Me Not), Carter Jenkins (Bad News Bears, Aliens in the Attic), Mitch Hewer and Taylor Murphy, reports Variety. Norton Herrick and Darren Brandl are producing. Herrick Entertainment is producing and financing the pic, which just wrapped on location in Utah.

Set in a remote forest, ‘Nightlight’ revolves around five teens and a prank that goes awry over the course of one long night. Story will be told from a singular point of view.

Herrick Entertainment’s projects included Vanishing on 7th Street.

Beck and Woods previously wrote, directed and produced the pilot “Spread” for MTV.

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