[FrightFest '12] The Big Boys: New Imagery From 'American Mary' & 'Chained' - Bloody Disgusting
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[FrightFest ’12] The Big Boys: New Imagery From ‘American Mary’ & ‘Chained’



With the 13th annual Film4 FrightFest line up revealed, we can continue to unload new imagery from the UK fest that takes place Thursday, August 23 to Monday, August 27. The UK’s leading event for horror fantasy fans will be back at the Empire Cinema in London’s Leicester Square to present 48 films in three screens.

The big announcements included Sinister starring Ethan Hawke, the Sam Raimi produced The Possession and Jennifer Chambers Lynch’s “jaw-dropping” Chained, to the Maniac remake, the surgical underground of American Mary and the V/H/S anthology from yours truly.

While you’ve already seen stills from most of those films, we did land a new look at Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska’s American Mary, about a medical student who traves down the rabbit hole to perform twisted surgeries to pay for school, and Jennifer Lynch’s hotly anticipated NC-17 thriller Chained, about a deranged taxi cab driver on the hunt for his next victim. (Check out the festivals official website for ticket info.)


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