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Slipknot Teases New…???



Earlier today, Slipknot posted a video on their Facebook entitled ‘Something Monsterous [sic] is Coming’. The video, which you can watch below, shows the band performing live in what appears to be the UK. There is no other information other than an ambiguous 2013 date and a website to check out.

So, this of course leads one to speculate as to what they might be teasing. The first thought is a new live DVD. The video is extremely polished with a ton of different camera angles and sweeping shots of the crowd. However, since there has not been a new album since the last live DVD, (sic)nesses, and the fact that there was a tribute to deceased bassist Paul Gray on it, a new live DVD seems pointless. After all, why buy a DVD that you pretty much already own?

The only reason I can think of a new live DVD would be to document their own music/amusement festival Knotfest. If it’s as exciting and packed full of events as they say it is, nobody will be able to attend everything. Therefore, a DVD showing what they missed and what the full experience was like makes complete sense.

The next idea is a new album. This is a tricky one as members of the band give very conflicting reports on whether or not the band will get together to record at any time this year. But the ambiguous 2013 date allows the band some leeway as they could spend the first several months of the year recording the album and then release it in the fall or early winter.

What do you think? Give the video below a watch and then leave a comment with your thoughts!

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