[San Diego Comic-Con '12] Interview With 'ColdWater' And 'The Hills Run Red' Director David Parker - Bloody Disgusting
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[San Diego Comic-Con ’12] Interview With ‘ColdWater’ And ‘The Hills Run Red’ Director David Parker



The Hills Run Red Director David Parker returns to San Diego Comic-Con International on Thursday, July 12th at 6:15PM PT with a new first look at his horror/thriller independent motion picture ColdWater. Parker joins up and comer star Ivan Djurovic and co-star James Duval in HALL H, as part of the Virtual Drive-In panel.

The panel will include an exclusive first look at two scenes from the highly anticipated thriller, in addition to the theatrical trailer. We recently caught up with Parker to talk about the differences between ColdWater and The Hills Run Red along with what we ca expect at the presentation in Hall H.

‘Coldwater’ is about Andre (Djurovic), who is recovering from a recent accident, agrees to help his friend Robert (Rick Irwin) by taking over a house-sitting job at an unusual home nestled in the heart of Coldwater Canyon. As the day turns into night, Andre faces strange occurrences that lead him to believe he is not there alone, and someone or something is watching him.

Head inside to check it out!

So are you ready for Comic-Con?

Yeah it’s kind of a mad dash to get some last minute stuff done before then. Little things here and there.

The Hills Run Red was a much gorier slasher film than ColdWater. Did you want to shift away from that on purpose?

It was a conscious choice between me and my partner on the film. We wanted to build more tension and suspense. I feel like that aspect of Hills could have been stronger. We’re not completely dry of blood and guts though!

And what are you showing at the Con?

We’re going to show the trailer that’s online now. It’s altered a little bit. We’re showing that and then two scenes. One that features Ivan Djurovic and James Duval and another one that exemplifies the ideas of suspense and tension we’re working with. We found a scene that will really freak people out.

Any onset scares in the house you were shooting in?

It’s a very creepy multi-layered house. The house really becomes a character in the movie. But the fact that we were there… the normal sh*t happened while we were shooting it. We would try to scare the actors.

What about this movie do you think will grab the people in Hall H?

I think the fact that it’s scary. The movie knows what it is and it’ll be interesting to see how the audience interprets it. We want to give them a good scare. It has its own shooting style and it takes you on a journey. I think with all of the big films playing that hall, we’re something different. We’re not a big superhero movie. We also don’t telegraph what’s happening – you don’t know where this is going.



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