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[San Diego Comic-Con ’12] First Look At After Dark’s ‘Asylum,’ Dark Circles’ & ‘Red Clover’!



After Dark Films is sharing a sneak peak into their horror brand After Dark Originals 2 at booth #4145 at the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con. They’ve provided Bloody with an exclusive look at Asylum, along with two fresh images from Red Clover and Dark Circles. Release dates are forthcoming.

In Asylum (top), starring Stephen Rea, and directed by Todor Chapkanov, “A veteran hostage negotiator’s next call leads him to an overrun insane asylum. He soon finds that dark forces are pushing the patients to commit atrocities, and that he may be the only one that can stop them.

Dark Circles (middle) stars Johnathon Schaech and Pell James, and was written and directed by Paul Soter. “When new parents Alex and Penny retreat from the city and move into a place outside town, the stress and massive sleep-deprivation caused by their infant has both of them seeing things in the house that may or may not exist. As their fragile grasp on reality spirals into delirium, Alex and Penny find themselves nearly helpless to deal with the horrific truth of what is really going on in this house.

Lastly, Red Clover (bottom), starring Billy Zane, William Devane and Courtney Halverson, and directed by Drew Daywalt, “In a small Massachusetts town, an Irish girl, her father, and her grandfather try to stop a murderous Leprechaun by putting an end to its grudge, once and for all.

After Dark Originals: Asylum

After Dark Originals: Dark Circles

After Dark Originals: Red Clover

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