Herbert West Goes Mental In Hi-Def As 'Re-Animator' Dated For Blu-ray! - Bloody Disgusting
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Herbert West Goes Mental In Hi-Def As ‘Re-Animator’ Dated For Blu-ray!



The H.P. Lovecraft-inspired madness gets the hi-def treatment as Stuart Gordon’s 1984 classic Re-Animator is now dated for Blu-ray on September 4!

Image Entertainment has not specified the disc extras other than to state it will be packed with bonus features (existing from earlier DVD releases), including audio commentaries from the film’s director, producer and cast, interviews, extended scenes, galleries, and more.

Herbert West (Combs) is obsessed with the idea of bringing the dead back to life. Experimenting with a glowing green fluid, he successfully reanimates dead tissue. Unfortunately, the dead are uncontrollable and difficult to subdue. Dr. Carl Hill, West’s instructor, is determined to steal his secret and take all the credit for the discovery. Herbert isn’t willing to give it up so easily. No matter what the consequences are! Stylishly directed by Stuart Gordon (From Beyond), this film adaptation of the short story “Herbert West: Reanimator” is a non-stop gore fest filled with wit and humor.


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