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Anthrax’s Scott Ian Breaks Down Limited Edition Jackson ATL Guitar



Jackson Guitars will be releasing a very limited edition Among The Living Soloist guitar through Guitar Center. The guitar, which sells for $699.99, features the cover artwork to the 1987 Anthrax album Among The Living, which prominently displays Rev. Henry Kane, the terrifying antagonist from the Poltergeist sequels. Only 250 of these guitars will be made, so snag one here if you desperately need this for your collection.

The guitar is constructed from basswood and features a neck-through design with 24 frets and string-thru body. The rosewood fingerboard features pentagram inlays as well as an “ATL” inlay towards the upper registers. There is a single Seymour Duncan pick up and one volume knob. Below is a video of guitarist Scott Ian running through the guitar and explaining the history behind it.

Alright fellow guitarists, is this an axe you could see yourself rocking?

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