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Lars Ulrich Sets Approximate Release Date For Next Metallica Album



In a radio interview with Vancouver’s 99.3 The Fox, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich revealed that the band has plans to enter the studio to begin writing and recording the follow-up to 2008’s Death Magnetic this September. However, busy plans will make the process take a little longer than normal. For instance, the band was very busy putting together to two-day Orion Music + More festival that occurred just a few weeks ago. Due to the success of the inaugural year, the band will be bringing the festival back next year, which requires a lot of planning and orchestration.

Then there is the 3D Metallica movie, which is being helmed by Predators director Nimród Antal. The concert footage will be shot Aug. 24th and 25th on a massive 140’x50′ stage. According to Ulrich, the stage will have, “colossal components and striking visual elements spanning Metallica’s entire 30-year career.” The rest of the film will be shot in the two to three weeks that will follow these shows.

So what does all of this mean for the release date of the next Metallica album? Find out below!

Lars is saying that Metallica will be making their fans wait a bit before a new album: “I would say late ’13 or early ’14. It’s difficult to imagine… I think even late ’13 may be a bit optimistic. I would say hopefully we can realistically get a record out probably about a year and half from now, so maybe early ’14.

Here’s the interview for your listening pleasure.

Alright Metallica fans, what do you think their next album is gong to sound like? Lead guitarist Kirk Hammett has stated that it will be a “…heavier Black Album” [source]. Does that get you excited or make you smack your forehead and groan aloud?

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