R.I.P. Special Effects Artist Carlo Rambaldi (1925-2012) - Bloody Disgusting
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R.I.P. Special Effects Artist Carlo Rambaldi (1925-2012)



Italian special effects artist Carlo Rambaldi has passed away at the age of 86. He leaves behind an impressive legacy of films, many of which you have no doubt seen. Silver Bullet, King Kong (1976), Deep Red, The Hand, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, A Lizard In A Woman’s Skin, King Kong Lives, E.T. and more. He won Academy Awards for both Alien and E.T..

Anyone working in Hollywood can tell you just how difficult it is to come across an FX craftsman who is truly a master of their trade. Too often they look for easy ways out, hijack a film’s budget or just plain can’t deliver what on they promise. Judging by his work, Rambaldi was most certainly not that kind of guy. He made some of the most imaginative and realistic practical effects ever committed to film at a fraction of the cost someone with half the talent might charge today.

Head inside for a video featuring some of his career highlights (via Badass Digest).