Preview: 'Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe' #4 - Bloody Disgusting
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Preview: ‘Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe’ #4



Cullen Bunn is telling one of the wildest Deadpool tales in years, tearing down the 4th wall like nobodies business. Deadpool no longer gives a f*ck, and he’s going to kill every single hero and villain in the Marvel Universe. This issue, Deadpool’s got the Punisher in his sightline.

WRITTEN BY: Cullen Bunn
ART BY: Dalibor Talajic
PUBLISHER: Marvel Comics
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: August 22nd, 2012

• What if everthing you thought was funny about Deadpool…was actually just disturbing?

• What if he decided to kill everyone and everything that makes up the Marvel Universe?

• What if he actually pulled it off? Would that be FUN for you?

• The Merc with a Mouth takes a turn for the twisted in a weekly horror comic like no other…


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