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Neil Gaiman Partners With Colleen Doran For A New Graphic Novel!



Neil Gaiman has spent some time away from the comics medium, but with the announcement of his new “Sandman” series at SDCC, we’ve been wondering if he would be making a full fledged return to comics. The answer, sources say, are yes. Gaiman is teaming up with “Sandman” collaborator, Colleen Doran, for an all new graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics. No details are known about the plot as of yet, but stay tuned. Read on below.

Doran wrote about her work with Gaiman, “My pencil technique is exactly the opposite of what they teach now in art school. I do not use the side of the pencil, or graphite. I use the sharp tip of the pencil, and build up everything from hundreds of strokes. This is the way old masters drew back in the day with silverpoint. It’s a look I love, but almost no one does it because it is so laborious. The popular prejudice is for the 1950-ish commercial art drawing style. I like that, but it’s not what I want to do myself. I am using this technique on the new Neil Gaiman graphic novel I am doing for Dark Horse. You can imagine how happy I am to be doing this project! The drawings will then be colored with thin washes of watercolor, digitally, or both.”


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