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B.P.R.D. Will Be Renumbered Starting At Issue #100



The editor of Dark Horse Comics, Scott Allie, told Comics Allians their plans to begin numbering B.P.R.D. starting with #100, in order to stray from their “ongoing series of miniseries.” Starting things off at issue #100 will undoubtedly be confusing for comic shoppers who do not frequent online news sites, and it really adds to the whole fear-of-missing-out problem that is already predominant in comics. Scott Allie assures, however, that this is the right move for the series. Read on…

Allie told Comics Alliance, “The reason to make the change was in part how many times [San Francisco retailer and industry pundit] Brian Hibbs told me, ‘Well, really B.P.R.D. is an ongoing…’ And he’s right. Another part of the reason is that as we’ve moved into doing more short stories — two- or three-issue stories — we get those new issue #1′s too often. You do new #1′s to give readers jumping on points, but when they’re coming so quickly it becomes more confusing than anything else. Depending on how retailers rack, you could have two or three B.P.R.D. #1′s on the shelf at a time, and it’s hard for readers or retailer to know what to read next. So while I know it will cause a little confusion to suddenly have #100 out there, a few months down the road it’ll make everything simpler.

“Also, we are just sort of proud to have hit a hundred issues of this title,” Allie continued, “For all the changes the book has gone through, we’re still telling the same story, we’re still moving in a fairly straight line, as opposed to a book that has to hit the reset button every couple years. Our Conan series is hitting the same anniversary, #100 of our main monthly Conan book, now written by Brian Wood after Kurt Busiek, Tim Truman, and Roy Thomas. With that one we’re not changing the numbering, because the numbering there is working fine.”


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