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[Fan Expo Canada] DC Before Watchmen Panel Announces A New Title



At Saturday’s edition of DC’s All-access Panel the publisher took a Before Watchmen theme bringing in Dan Didio, Brian Azzarello, John Cunningham, Darwyn Cooke, and Amanda Conner. The biggest news was the announcement of the brand new “Before Watchmen” book, “Moloch”, which is to be written by Joe Michael Straczynski with artwork by Eduardo Risso. More follows.

“Before Watchmen: Moloch” is a two-issue series that will debut in November. This is first word of the project and very little artwork has been released yet, but given that it’s Risso, it’ll be damn nice work. This also gives rise to the possibility that DC is not yet done with “Watchmen”.

Brian Azzarello chose to plead the fifth during most of the panel, not revealing any details on “Rorschach” or on “Wonder Woman”. His only real speech was when asked about writing “Before Watchmen” where he said that it’s not much different than approaching working on “Batman” as so many influencial people have worked on it before, and “Watchmen” is no different.

As tribute to Joe Kubert’s sudden death, his friend Bill Sienkiewicz will take over inking “Before Watchmen: Nite Owl”.

Darwyn Cooke mentioned something about taking acid and expressed his love for working alongside Amanda Conner.


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