Todd Farmer on How 'Halloween 3D' Fell Apart, or, How the Weinsteins Waste Everyone's Time - Bloody Disgusting
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Todd Farmer on How ‘Halloween 3D’ Fell Apart, or, How the Weinsteins Waste Everyone’s Time



Oh boy what a treat! I hope you have some free time, and if you don’t, make some immediately. Toff Farmer, the man who had been attached to pen Halloween 3D for Dimension Films, has posted a lengthy blog detailing how Patrick Lussier and himself got attached to the project — and how it all fell apart. It’s just the meat an potatoes, but click here and start reading because it’s pretty f*ckin’ entertaining (they wanted to cast Tom Atkins? Sweet!). I really dug My Bloody Valentine 3D, so it’s a bummer they won’t be bringing Michael Myers to the big screen, but hey, we got Drive Angry going in production! After you’re done reading, start talking about it below.


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