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Update: ‘Saw VII’ Gets A Title Change?



UPDATE: This is indeed the confirmed title of the film (for now). And the Roman nation feels insulted. UPDATE 2: Now they are saying that the film is simply called Saw 3D, with “The Traps Come Alive” being a tagline so people don’t think that it’s the first Saw film being converted. Not exactly sure how that makes sense; if anything that makes it sound even MORE like that was the case. Plus it counters multiple confirmations that we received yesterday that the “Traps” line was indeed part of the title. I suspect it’s a quick decision based on the overwhelmingly negative response to the title. Gee, maybe simply calling it SAW VII would prevent any confusion? Original story after the break!Unlike pretty much every other horror franchise in history, the Saw series has thus far stuck to Roman numerals instead of adding silly subtitles (Halloween: Resurrection, for example – what the hell does that mean?). And so far, Saw VII seemed to be following the same pattern, except for possibly adding a “3D” for marketing. But that might be changing. According to a press release just sent out alerting press to certain panels that will be available at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, the next Saw film is titled Saw 3D: The Traps Come Alive. In addition to being woefully stupid, it’s also a poor choice to have the 3D in the title, as the film will be seen in 2D on DVD and probably in a good chunk of the theaters. We’re looking for confirmation right now, but in the meantime, let Lionsgate know how laughable this is. Saw (something) hits theaters on October 22nd, and doctored “Frampton Comes Alive” photos should be hitting the internet sometime in the next hour.


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