IFC Midnight's Upcoming December Releases - Bloody Disgusting
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IFC Midnight’s Upcoming December Releases



IFC Films has last second announced a slew of releases for December starting with Antoine Blossier’s french horror Prey, which tells the story of a family at a rural retreat who realise they are being hunted. In addition, IFC quietly acquired Caroline du Potet and Eric Du Potet’s AWESOME In Their Sleep, a film that deserved so much more than this crappy dump onto VOD (man this burns me). The thriller that features many twists and turns will arrive on IFC Midnight On Demand December 10th, while also hitting very limited theaters (mainly in New York). This is one of IFC’s titles that I highly recommend. I promise that you won’t be disappointed. Watch the trailer for both films inside.IN THEIR SLEEP

After the brutal death of her 18 year-old son, Sarah’s life is in pieces. Late one night, her car accidentally hits Arthur, a young man the same age as her boy, who suddenly emerges out of the forest and onto the road. Wounded and frightened, he is running from a mysterious assailant, hunting him down after Arthur caught him red handed in the act of burglary…

Sarah sympathizes with him, taking him in, only to be tracked down by the burglar whose murderous rage towards Arthur forces her to take action. Unbeknownst to Sarah, things aren’t quite the way they seem… but by the time she finally realizes, it is too late to turn back.


One night, several deer hurl themselves unexpectedly against the electric fence of a farm. Seeing deep signs of biting on the animals’ bodies, the farm owners realise that a predator is roaming about the neighbouring woods. Having determined to hunt it down, the farmer and his family penetrate deep into the surrounding forest. They look with bewilderment at the dying environment ravaged by a mysterious evil force. As the sun slowly sinks away, howling resounds through the forest. The hunters have become prey…


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