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Want A Vampire Comedy From 1/2 “The Flight Of The Conchords”? You Might Be Getting One…



I liked “Flight Of The Conchords” and I’ve forgiven Jermaine Clement for Gentleman Broncos so I could see this kind of working out. For me, at least. Though I have yet to check out Taika Waititi‘s Eagle Vs. Shark. Is it a disaster? Let me know.

Clement and Waititi are planning a vampire comedy. Right as vampires are finally about to get popular, right? They know, they know. Per Indiewire, “[Waititi is] working with Clement on a project on which they’ve toiled for six years. Of course, it’s a vampire film. ‘We really thought, oh, you know, no one’s doing vampire movies!’ Waititi half-joked. ‘It’s taken so long that vampires are now very uncool,’ he says about the film, which he would only share would be a comedy. ‘But we’re hoping to get a chance to make it.’

I guess we’ll chalk this one up to a “maybe” for right now.


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