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TV: Awww! Watch Alan Ball Say Goodbye To “True Blood”!!



HBO just aired the last episode of “True Blood”‘s Fifth Season, “Save Yourself”, last night. Not only did it mark the last episode of the season, it marked creator Alan Ball’s last episode as the series’ showrunner. Now we have a video (which apparently aired before last night’s episode) of his goodbye to the show.

Listen, I’ve been fairly vocal about the fact that I’m not a huge “True Blood” fan. I was okay with parts of the first season along with parts of the second. I liked what I saw of this season (I think I saw 4 episodes this year) more than whatever was happening with the show last year but ultimately couldn’t bring myself to like it as much as some of you guys do. It’s just not my thing.

That being said – respect. Ball really did create something special here. As much as it’s just not for me – it resonates with a huge amount of people and there’s something to be said for that. It’s a tricky thing to pull off for one year, let alone five. And Ball’s prior show, Six Feet Under, is one of my all time favorite programs – so I know I’ll at least be tuning in to check out whatever he does next. I’m legitimately excited to see what he comes up with next.

Godspeed, Alan Ball. At least you gave me Jessica. Head inside for the video.