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Albert Wesker Featured In ‘Apocalypse Kiss’ Promo



Potent Media has just released a promotional investor video for their upcoming production, Apocalypse Kiss which features the voice of “Resident Evil” boss, Albert Wesker (a.k.a. D.C. Douglas).

Actor and voice over artist, D.C. Douglas, announced earlier this year that he had been tapped to star as an OCD serial killer in the film, which is slated to begin principal photography in March of next year. The film is described as “futuristic science fiction thriller.”

Douglas is known to videogame fans for voicing Albert Wesker in several RE games, as well as Legion in the “Mass Effect” series, Raven in “Tekken 6” and “Street Fighter X Tekken.” He is also the voice of Chase, the police autobot, on The Hub’s “Transformers: Rescue Bots.”

In this futuristic science fiction thriller, government security agent Jerry Hipple has been unsuccessfully tracking the city’s most infamous criminal, the Red Harvest Killer. When two nomadic lovers Katia and Gladys enter the city, the death count rises, being credited as Red Harvest killings. Obssessive-compulsive Adrian, the actual Red Harvest Killer, becomes furious that the sexy serial killing duo are grabbing media attention under his alias. Adrian attempts to restore his reputation as the killer while aiding his detective counterpart through the case. All the while, killers and victims alike are unaware the world is about to reach an abrupt catastrophic ending.

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