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Bloody-Disgusting is beyond excited to bring you the exclusive music video premiere for Nekrogoblikon‘s “No One Survives”, which comes from their 2011 album Stench. Directed by Brandon Dermer and with effects from Mark Villalobos from the special FX company Monster Effects (Devil’s Rejects, MTV’s Death Valley), the video shows a lonely goblin who is desperately seeking the attention of the beautiful Kayden [Kayden Kross], a woman with whom he works. However, the nefarious Brad is constantly getting in the way. It all leads up to a finish that will not be forgotten any time soon!

This video is absurd amounts of fun and I can’t recommend you checking it out enough! Show your friends. Show your family. Hell, show a complete stranger!

This shoot worked out really well for me because I have a thing for asshole princes, and also for goblins, and for pulpy bits of dripping human matter coming at me from various locales on the body. The whole project really just met me at all of my levels.” – Kayden Kross

I saw Nekrogoblikon randomly through a good friend one night deep in the San Fernando Valley. I was so inspired by their live performance and straight-faced commitment to absurdity, I knew that very moment that if our efforts were to be combined it would result in something truly special. Four months later, we had a f*cking video.” – Brandon Dermer

For the past year, this band has been getting more and more incredible opportunities, but when Brandon Dermer came to us with this concept, we really knew something special was happening.” comments Tim Lyakhovetskiy, the band’s co-founder and guitarist.

Originally we wanted to get cool haircuts and have a performance footage-only video of us playing in a warehouse and headbanging synchronously. Then we met Brandon Dermer and he gave us this cool idea of having a video that was good.” Alex Alereza, the band’s guitarist.

Working with B-Derms was an amazing experience… watching something of that scale move like a well-oiled machine was an eye opening experience for me. What made it even better was the fact that he’s a total fanboy. Normally you gotta see it to believe it. In this case, you gotta believe it to see it.” Nicky Calonne, the band’s co-founder and singer.

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Nekrogoblikon is:
Nicholas Von Doom – Vocals, Keyboards
Tim Lyakhovetskiy – Guitars, Backup Vocals
Alex Alereza – Guitars, Backup vocals
Brandon Frenzel – Bass
Eddie Trager – Drums
Aaron Minich – Keyboards

Nekrogoblikon on-line:

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