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Chris Vrenna Brings Tweaker Out Of Hibernation



Chris Vrenna (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson) has announced the return of Tweaker! It’s been eight years since 2 a.m. Wake Up Call and now he’s back with Call The Time Eternity, which will come out Oct. 23rd via Metropolis Records. The album will feature a guest appearance from Collide‘s kaRIN.

Vrenna describes, “Every tweaker record is a mix of instrumental music and vocal songs. During the writing and recording process, tracks will naturally evolve into one or the other.

Vrenna explains his decision to record a cover of Phil Collins‘ “I Don’t Care Anymore” for the album, “I do love Phil’s drumming! He really broke new ground both in the grooves he created, but also in the way his drums were recorded and sounded. I especially loved the darkness and sadness he explored lyrically in his solo records. While working on tweaker, ‘I Don’t Care Anymore’ began haunting me. For a few weeks every time I got in the car, it came on the radio. It happened so many times that I took it as a sign.

Check below for the album artwork.

Tweaker is Grammy-winning songwriter, composer, drummer, programmer, engineer, remixer and producer Chris Vrenna and Jesse Hall (programming, guitars).

Band photo by Dallas Stoeckel


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