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Tom Felton Joins ‘Fangs Of War’



Fangs of War is still in pre-production despite reports that they would begin shooting in June of this year. Now the target date for caeas The film re-imagines Bram Stoker’s classic during World War II, where the Nazis and Allies vie for control of Count Dracula and his legendary powers. The new target date for filming is November 5th and the film has added Tom Felton (Harry Potter 1-7.2). No word yet on who’s playing Dracula.

The Director of the film Jim Donovan (Provocateur, Pure) with the original screenplay written by up-and-coming, Canadian born Geoffrey Gunn (Siren). Visual effects will be done by in-demand Rocket Science VFX in Toronto (Resident Evil Extinction, Resident Evil Afterlife 3D, Saw 3D, Land Of The Dead, Name Of The King, Whiteout, Slither, Game Plan) and stunt choreography will be designed by Jennifer Phillips (Underworld: Awakening, Thor, Salt, Twilight: Eclipse, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and 300).

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