[Exclusive] Preview: 'Criminal Macabre: Final Night - The 30 Days of Night Crossover' #1 - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive] Preview: ‘Criminal Macabre: Final Night – The 30 Days of Night Crossover’ #1



Yesterday we premiered various covers from Dark Horse’ horror lineup. Now we are pleased to present you with an exclusive first look at the epic Criminal Macabre / 30 Days Of Night Crossover event “Final Night”. This is not your typical series crossover, this is a full-on publisher crossover! Dark Horse and IDW unite to combine the works of horror author extraordinaire, Steve Niles.

“Final Night” sees the hero of “Criminal Macabre”, Cal McDonald, come face to face with Eben Olemaun, the ex-sheriff vampire of “30 Days of Night”. Niles said about the event, “Only one franchise is going to survive this series, and I give you my word on that. It’s not one of these ‘Batman dies’ things — one of these series is going to be destroyed.” Joining Niles is Christopher Mitten on art duties, and Justin Erikson from Phantom City Creative on cover art. The story will run over the course of four issues, the first of which is set for release on December 12th, 2012. Check out the preview for “Criminal Macabre: Final Night – The 30 Days of Night Crossover” #1 below!

WRITTEN BY: Steve Niles
ART BY: Christopher Mitten
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: December 12th, 2012

In this epic crossover with IDW, Steve Niles’s greatest characters come together in a final showdown.

Cal McDonald only wanted a beer, but what he got was a jaded federal agent and a story about vampires up in Barrow, Alaska. There’s a new vamp in LA, and he’s hell bent on escalating his attacks. When Mo’Lock’s sometimes ghoul-friend is murdered, Cal’s on the hunt . . . for Eben—the longtime protagonist/antagonist of 30 Days of Night.

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