Marvel Rips Off 'Battle Royale' With 'Avengers Arena' - Bloody Disgusting
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Marvel Rips Off ‘Battle Royale’ With ‘Avengers Arena’



Marvel was heavy on the blood with the teaser this week for a new series by Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker for Marvel NOW! Revealed today on, they announced that the book will be called Avengers Arena. The series takes 16 young heroes from the Marvel Universe and pits them against one another in a Battle Royale-esque setting, organized by the villain, Arcade. Taking off the popularity of The Hunger Games, Marvel brings a bit of teenage fights to the death in “Avengers Arena”. The book will pull characters from books such as “Avengers Academy’s”, “Annihilation’s”, “Runaways'”, plus a bunch of new characters that will have to fight to survive. More on the scoop after the jump.

Hopeless said about the series, “We really got to cherry pick our cast. That was a lot of fun, almost as much fun as creating the brand new characters. I have a feeling the Braddock Academy kids in particular are going to break some hearts. Not sure if we made it clear yet, but people die in this book.”

He continued, “It’s sort of ridiculous how huge our cast is at the start. But if you’re going to kill a lot of characters you gotta have a lot of characters. There are 17 in issue one. 16 kids and Arcade. That’s quite a bit bigger than even most team books and it does make the writing a little more challenging. There’s just no way to keep everyone on the board all the time. So, yeah, we shift the focus from issue to issue. We may have two issues dedicated to the Braddock Academy and then let them recede into the background for a while so we can hang out with the Runaways.”

Walker added in the interview, “The wide age range of these characters helps, going all the way from 12-13 up to mid-twenties, and not all of them are even human. If I had 16 [different] 12 year-old girls from the same school to draw, I’d be having a nervous breakdown already. But these kids are diverse, brought together from just about every source. So it’s been fun, really.”

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