Zombie Anthology 'Eschatrilogy' To Premiere At UK's Grimmfest - Bloody Disgusting
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Zombie Anthology ‘Eschatrilogy’ To Premiere At UK’s Grimmfest



Sheffield based indie film company Safehouse Pictures are due to release their latest labour of love The Eschatrilogy at Grimmfest next month; an apocalyptic zombie film with a difference. Damien Morter wrote and directed this collection of ghoulish stories while wife Nicola was on producing duties, forming a horror partnership that is sure to leave it’s mark on the genre.

Alone in a monstrous world Matthew spends his time hiding away from zombies, collecting and burning bodies of the dead, but things take an unusual turn when he meets an unnamed drifter who carries with him a mysterious book. In this book are three tales of the apocalypse; stories of horror and survival that he has collected on his travels. As the mysterious traveller begins to reveal his true intentions can Matthew piece together the stories and the key to saving himself before he becomes just another entry in the Eschatrilogy?

Safehouse Pictures piqued the interest of indie-horror fans with their first feature Bicycle Day which they made for next to no money and went on to be nominated for 5 awards at the 2011 Killer Film Fest winning Best Editing.

The idea for Eschatrilogy began when the team produced a short film called Father For The Dead which saw 100’s of locals join in the fun as the monstrous horde and allowed Damien and his team to test out some big ideas for guts and gore which would go on to appear in Eschatrilogy. It was in the editing room that Damien decided he wasn’t content with showing faceless, nameless zombies and wanted to explore the lives they had before the outbreak and how they ended up as one of the shuffling masses.

Transforming some of Yorkshire’s most breathtaking landscapes into wastelands of evil, The Eschatrilogy has a very British aesthetic and its a true credit to the team that they have achieved such an impressive and visually atmospheric feature with a meager budget of £15,000. Speaking of the level of effects work in the film, Producer Nicola Morter said that “My husband and I have always been fascinated with practical effects and this film really gave us the opportunity to explore that. We’re both huge Tom Savini fans and his work taught us a lot about how to create fun and effective special FX’. Suggests that there will be plenty to keep the gore hounds happy in their second feature.

The film will premiere at Manchester’s Grimmfest on Sunday the 7th of October before rolling out to other festivals.
Find out more about Safehouse Pictures here.


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