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‘Vessel’ Short Gets Feature Treatment At Paramount



Paramount has acquired Clark Baker‘s sci-fi/horror short film Vessel and tapped genre scribe Stephen Susco (The Grudge) to write the feature version, which will be directed by Baker, reports Variety. The short premiered right here on Bloody Disgusting!

Described as being in the vein of Alien, The Thing and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the short film Vessel blended practical creature effects with modern VFX to tell the story of a group of airplane passengers who encounter an otherwordly force shortly after takeoff and are thrown into a fight for their lives.

The short was written by the helmer’s fellow Chapman University grads Matt and Ross Duffer, who wrote and directed WB’s upcoming thriller Hidden starring Alexander Skarsgard and Andrea Riseborough.

Susco worked with Baker to develop the take for the feature adaptation. In addition to the two Grudge movies, Susco wrote Lionsgate’s upcoming Texas Chainsaw 3D and he recently co-produced Lionsgate’s hit horror pic The Possession.

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