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Things Get Creepy In Zak Bagans Vs. Praga Khan’s “Room 20”



When it was first announced that Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans would be teaming up with Lords Of Acid founder Praga Khan to create NecroFusion, an album that utilized actual EVP recordings, I was kind of skeptical. How exactly would that work? What would it end up sounding like? Well, now we have a chance to hear a song from the album entitled “Room 20”. Check it out below.

The song documents Bagans “discussion” with actor David Strickland, who was known for his role on NBC’s “Suddenly Susan”. Strickland committed suicide in Room 20 at the Oasis hotel. It was there that Bagans recorded his discussion.

According to Bagans, “After hours of recording sessions, I felt a sudden, intense presence of energy, and I knew I was not alone. I began communicating with mind-blowing responses. One of the responses I got was when I said ‘hello’ to Strickland, and he replied ‘hi, Zak.’ I asked if he could hear me and he said ‘yeah.’ At this point, I was getting intelligent responses, one after the other. I asked how many other spirits were present, and a female voice began shooting off numbers for me – ‘seven, eight’ – at which time I asked ‘Do you see other dead people?’ And Strickland’s voice came through again, telling me he ‘sees the Lord.’ I asked him if he knew where he was, and said ‘Oasis.’ This was one of the most powerful spirit communication sessions I have ever conducted.

The album will be released Oct. 23rd. What are your thoughts? Cool gimmick or obvious Halloween cash grab?

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