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Bel Delia Returns To The Horror Genre With ‘Love Of My Life’



Bel Delia; star of last year’s indie horror hit The Tunnel, will return to the genre next year with the ‘romance horror’ Love Of My Life. The film goes into production in Sydney, Australia in December 2012 with a speedy turnaround that has it scheduled for theatrical release by March 2013!

The film, co-directed by Liam Barrett and Michael Budd (Life Of The Party), has an interesting premise; A young man is given the choice of surviving 5 days of torture at the hands of a deranged surgeon or being set free at the cost of his young lovers life.

Inside an operating theatre of an abandoned hospital, young men have awoken strapped to a table, disorientated and scared. On the walls, monitors show them a live feed of their wife or girlfriend trapped downstairs in what looks to be the morgue. Then a man appears, decked out in surgeon’s scrubs, and explains the situation.

“For five days, I am going to do unspeakable, Godless things to you. You are going to scream, and beg, and plead for me to stop. Then at the end of the fifth day, I’m going to kill you. And when I’ve killed you, I’ll let her go. However, if at any point you can take no more, all you have to do is say, “I quit”. And I’ll stop. And then I’ll kill HER”.

Sad as it is to say, no man has ever come close to lasting the five days in order to save the love of his life. That is…until now.

Bel Delia and Diarmid Heidenreich will star as the central couple in a fight for their lives.

Speaking of her love for the horror genre Delia says “It’s a world in film that allows you to go balls to the wall in your performance. There’s something that’s so intriguing for us to see characters at the edge of their threshold and in their struggle for survival”

Check out the teaser poster image below:


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