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[Album Review] The Birthday Massacre ‘Hide And Seek’



The Birthday Massacre is that band that fits well into so many different situations. Whether it be wanting to jump up and dance around your room or laying back on your couch staring out the window on a rainy day, their music seems to encompass all those emotions and then some. They’re a band that I know I can fall back on and enjoy thoroughly. But does their latest album Hide And Seek offer me the same? Find out below!

The album opens up with “Leaving Tonight”, a toe-tapper that put a smile on my face almost right away. Something about this song sounds so triumphant, as though you’re supposed to jubilantly raise your fists into the sky. We then go into “Down”, the heaviest track of the album and one that had me bobbing my head, just shy of full blown headbanging. After the slower beauty of “Play With Fire”, “Need” picks up the pace again with some incredibly catchy melodies.

From a production standpoint, this album sounds beautiful. Crisp, polished and rich with textures, it avoids sounding cold and mechanical. Chibi’s voice shines, ranging from coy, demure and breathy on “Play With Fire” to vicious, almost snarly on “Down” and everything in between on the rest of the tracks. She also pulls off some sneaky vocal harmonies that can easily be missed under all the musical layers.

Mixing melancholic beauty with impossibly hooking passages, my only complaint with Hide And Seek is that it ended too early and I found myself wanting more. Even though I truly enjoyed what I was given, the 36 minute album felt more like an appetizer than a full meal.

The Final Word: Even though Hide And Seek is criminally short, it’s a catchy, addictive album that I found myself spinning over and over again without caring that I’d already heard the tracks before. Actually, I found myself enjoying them more with each repeat. With no doubt in my mind, I can say that The Birthday Massacre has released another winner.

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