[News Bites] Another 'Safari', 'American Mary' Sold To Canada, "The Real Exorcist" On Lifetime - Bloody Disgusting
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[News Bites] Another ‘Safari’, ‘American Mary’ Sold To Canada, “The Real Exorcist” On Lifetime



Not to be confused with this film of the same name, Truth or Die director Robert Heath is also heading into the Safari. Penned by Jason Arnopp, “Two young couples head off on a safari into the wilds of southern Africa but their dream trip turns into a nightmare as nature bites back.” Shooting begins in 2013. Pre-sales begin at AFM. Promo art inside.

While we patiently await a deal here in the States, you can read about Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada’s acquisition of writers/directors Jen and Sylvia Soska’s American Mary by clicking here. The Canadian indie portrays a disenchanted medical student (Katherine Isabelle) who enters a world of underground surgery that leaves more scars on herself than on her freak clientele.

“The Real Exorcist” will premiere on Lifetime on Wednesday, October 31st at 11pm ET/PT. “The unscripted series follows Reverend Bob Larson as he attempts to “cure” the possessed. With over 10,000 exorcisms under his belt, Larson and his team – including his wife,Laura – confront demons while victims, often restrained; speak in tongues, bite, scratch and scream. In the Halloween night episode, it is a matter of life or death as Reverend Larson tries to help a suicidal young woman in Savannah, GA, who believes she has demons that want her dead. Later, an exorcism with a man in Oregon doesn’t quite end the way he or Reverend Larson had planned.


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