Third Film from 'Inside' Directing Duo Will Also Star Beatrice Dalle - Bloody Disgusting
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Third Film from ‘Inside’ Directing Duo Will Also Star Beatrice Dalle



Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo; the directing duo that had audiences reeling with their debut hit Inside and followed it up nicely with Livid, will be teaming up for a third feature Among The Living. And they are bringing their leading lady back with them too!

Among The Living is set to go into production early next year and will star the stunningly talented Beatrice Dalle; otherwise known as La Femme; the violent, vengeful murderess from Inside. Who can forget her stunning performance in that film?

Inside certainly secured Maury and Bustillo a permanent place in the hearts and minds of horror fans, delivering an unrelentingly violent, merciless film that is truly unforgettable.
Before these guys started making movies I never expected to find myself watching a blood soaked psychopath performing an impromptu cesarean on a dimly lit staircase with a pair of dressing shears. Do I dare to imagine what they might come up with this time round?

Among The Living tells the story of 3 young boys who stumble upon an abandoned amusement park where they catch sight of a woman being dragged around in chains by a freaky looking clown. Worse still, the clown sees them and that night each boy is visited by an unwelcome intruder in their home.

Keep your eyes on Bloody Disgusting for more news on this film as it develops!


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