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A Veil Release Fantastic Zombie Music Video For “Tombs”



A Veil, the latest project from Chad Ackerman (formerly of As I Lay Dying, Destroy The Runner, Austrian Death Machine, and Chapter 14), has released a fantastic video for “Tombs” with the makeup and effects done by Frank Ippolito and Ian Von Cromer (Pirates Of The Caribbean, Chronicles of Riddick, Syfy Face-Off). The video follows a zombie as it feasts upon animal/human hybrids until, at the end, its curiosity gets it to eat a carrot. That’s right, the lyrics and video are actually promoting vegan awareness.

Ackerman explains the writing/directing of the video, saying, “I wrote two other different treatments for the video before deciding to make it into a horror-themed video. I have a love/hate relationship with zombies. They really terrify me, but I have always loved them since I was a kid. It reflects the lyrics of the song, which starts from an animal’s point of view, and then it shifts to a vegan’s point of view. The main character (played by brother, Christian Ackerman, a professional mime and actor) goes from place to place eating humanized versions of animals (played by Ackerman, his wife and musical comrades). The video shows that there is nowhere safe for the animals to go until the main character’s curiosity brings awareness. You can say the zombie in this case is me, I’ve been vegan for two years and I did it out of curiosity and to improve my health. I think that as time moves forward, and as our education grows, that more and more people will lean towards or fully change to a plant based diet.

While I’m still going to enjoy my baked trout tonight, I will say that the video is extremely well done and I loved watching every second of it. Check it out below!

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