[AFM '12] Trailer, Art For Hilariously Titled '#iKllr' - Bloody Disgusting
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[AFM ’12] Trailer, Art For Hilariously Titled ‘#iKllr’



Jeffrey Coghlan directs the ridiculously titled #iKllr, which stars Emily Lawrence and Bryn Pryor.

Kaleidoscope Film Distribution is selling the film at the ongoing American Film Market.

It’s based on a genuine Twitter account, and is “The real and shocking story of a young woman’s abduction, documented through a series of anonymous clips posted on the internet.

Check out the trailer here. Art and long synopsis inside.

It started with a picture.

It was a picture of a pretty, ambitious, self-dependent young woman sitting in a coffee shop, in-between college classes. In it, she was minding her own business, occupied with schoolwork and distracted by a boyfriend she loved very much. Her name was Jennifer Taylor and she didn’t know the picture had been taken. She also didn’t know the person who took it. The same person who would take her too.

The picture first surfaced on Twitter and every day afterwards, there was a new photo of Jennifer, each one getting closer and closer to her, shedding more light on her very quiet, self-contained life. The pictures were soon followed by videos that followed her. From a distance, twitter followers watched Jennifer leave her house each morning, grab a coffee, go to school, study hard and return home alone at night.

Eventually, they would watch Jennifer get those same pictures sent to her anonymously on her own phone.

Based on an actual Twitter account, iKllr is the story that started as an internet rumor and was quickly shared by twitter followers and facebook friends alike before making headlines in the spring of 2010 when Jennifer was reported missing.

No one who followed the iKllr twitter account reported anything. No one wanted to admit they had been watching. No one wanted to admit that it was true and no one wanted to believe that it was that easy to do.


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