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Horror Comedy ‘Night of the Punks’ Now Available on YouTube!



Fans of 80’s comedy horror gems such as Return of the Living Dead and Night of the Demons will not want to miss out on “Night of the Punks”, an insanely enjoyable short film from Dan Riesser, now available to stream in full on YouTube!

Punk Rock band Braindead get an unexpected invite to an out of town gig by the mysterious Raymond, all geared up for a night of mayhem the guys- and their hot merch girl- fail to be put off by the non-existent crowd and tear into the set. Only to have the mosh pit quickly descend into a blood bath as the sparse audience are torn apart by hungry demons!

Wanna see an impressive death by drumsticks? How about a decapitation with guitar strings? Love the greenish gore and sickly splatter of Evil Dead? It’s all here.

Dan Riesser and Mike Kinshell have put together a genius script with lots of laugh out loud gags that will have you bleary eyed with nostalgia for all your favourite splatter punk movies. Clocking in at under 19 minutes this riotous rock and roll horror will leave you reeling for more. Luckily for us there are plans to extend it into a feature film, with a script and casting already in place.

“Night of the Punks” has screened at 25 festivals across America picking up a handful of awards including Directing Newcomer to Watch and Best Horror Comedy.

What are you waiting for? Watch it now!


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