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‘The Last Door’ A Pixelated Horror Adventure Needs Your Help Via Kickstarter



I friggen love Kickstarter. It helps bring to life many things that otherwise may never see the light of day. One of those things is a game by the name of The Last Door. It’s a pixelated point and click horror adventure you’ll be able to play for free on the PC so long as it gets finished. You can play some teaser game play right now over at TheLastDoor.com to get an idea of what you’re in for. Past the break for more info and a trailer.

The story starts in the late 19th century in the south of England. Good times for science, psychology and art. The main character (which is waiting to get his name from a backer), receives a letter from his old friend Anthony asking for help. A strange request since it has been long time since they were colleagues at the University. But when he arrives to his house in the Sussex county he finds that something horrible might be happening.

If you’d like to help out the developers head over HERE and give them your money!


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