[Random Cool] 'Gremlins' and 'Ghostbusters' Scenes Imagined As 80's Nintendo Games - Bloody Disgusting
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[Random Cool] ‘Gremlins’ and ‘Ghostbusters’ Scenes Imagined As 80’s Nintendo Games



For Gallery 1988‘s October exhibition “Please Post Bills”, dedicated to comedic legend Bill Murray, and their previous “The 3G Show”, artist Jude Buffum delivered a pair of epic Ghostbusters art pices that take you back to the 80’s.

In Ghostbusters, the artist always wondered what would have gone down had ghost buster Ray Stantz (Dan Aykroyd) answered “Yes!” to Gozer’s inquiry “Are you a god?” Would he have averted Stay-Puft peril?

“Ugly Little Spud” depicts the scene when Murray’s character, Peter Venkman, comes face to face with his first Class 5 Free-Roaming Vapor, better known as Slimer.

Lastly, comes an incredible Gremlins piece entitled “Last Call” which shares a digital look at the bar sequence from Joe Dante’s 1984 classic.

All three pieces can be Purchased here.


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