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‘Catequesis’ Makes Me Nastalgic For Old School, 8-Bit Survival Horror



Most survival horror fans looks back at the late 90’s and early 2000’s for their favorite horror games. It’s understandable, since that was when Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame we’re all at their prime. I want to go back a little further. I didn’t get into real old school horror games (I’m talking about 8 and 16 bit) until a few years back. Strangely enough, these games ended up getting me deeply into indie horror, which eventually went full circle as several indie devs started creating games like Lone Survivor, Home, and Homesick (more on that last one later), which were all heavily inspired by the horror games of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Catequesis is an upcoming indie horror game that borrows from that era, and it looks amazing. More after the break.

Catequesis is being developed by Fran Calvelo & Max Caignart of Pakariko Games and Curved Cat Games, respectively. It’s a story-driven horror game that borrows from some of the first games of the genre.

Here’s a synopsis from their official website:

Daniel helps his girlfriend to save her father’s life making a strange religious ritual with his blood, but something goes wrong and the entire building is taken over by a grotesque creature coming from beyond. Daniel will have to solve all the mysteries hidden in this old place to defeat the evil forces and take back his girlfriend… but not everything is as it seems.

While I was perusing their website, they discuss their sources of inspiration while crafting the game’s story. If you’re a fan of Deadly Premonition, HP Lovecraft, David Cronenberg, and Jesus, Catequesis borrows a little from them all.

Catequesis doesn’t have a release date yet, but it will be released for Android, PC, Mac & Linux.

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