[Box Office] 'Mama' Has HUGE Opening Weekend! Horror Reigns Again! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Box Office] ‘Mama’ Has HUGE Opening Weekend! Horror Reigns Again!



Universal released Mama, the Guillermo del Toro-produced horror thriller about a group of feral children raised by something sinister, on Friday and it cleaned up over the weekend. A $10 Million Friday translated into an estimated $28.1 Million dollar weekend ($33.2 if the 4-Day projections hold for the MLK Holiday). That’s a lot of money!

Even if I didn’t totally love the movie (nor did Brad, you can read his review here), there’s plenty to admire about it, particularly the fact that its story is pretty original. And that $33 Million more than doubles its $15M production budget. It had a not great B- cinemascore, but exit polling revealed that audiences liked it more than Texas Chainsaw 3D so expect it to not drop like a rock like that one did.

Now if we can only get this many people to hit the theaters for Evil Dead in April and You’re Next in August!

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