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[Original] A Gamer’s Guide To Zombies!



If I had to choose two things I love the most, I’d probably pick zombies and pretty pictures. Give me a zombie picture book and I am in heaven. Lately, I’ve found myself thinking about what would happen if I were to combine my two loves, so eventually I decided to answer that burning question. After I did some research and spent a night slaving away over a hot keyboard, because a few hours of heavy Photoshoppery turns my laptop into a scalding hot demon machine that incinerates flesh while roaring like a freight train — yeah, I’m in the market for a new computer — and Voilà! I had myself a fancy (read: gritty, bloody) infographic.

We like zombies here at Bloody Disgusting, and we’re also pretty fond of informative jpegs. If you are too, I highly recommend aiming your mouse pointer on the Read More link below so you can get a dose of both!

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