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Help Neil Gaiman With ‘A Calendar Of Tales’ On A Blackberry And Twitter



Neil Gaiman is teaming with Blackberry in an attempt to create a series of multi-media short stories (also a way for Blackberry to promote their new phone).

Alongside BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects, Gaiman is asking for readers, through the Blackberry Keep Moving Hub and Twitter, for inspiration for his “A Calendar Of Tales”. The project will be a series of short stories, one for each month of the year, written over a few weeks. He will post his notes and will engage with those who reply to his comments. Check the video below for some more details

Upon completion, “Calendar Of Tales” will be sold for charity, as well as creating a multi-media experience from the twelve stories. The entire process is also being filmed documentary style.

Gaiman said, “This project is a terrific way to explore all of those relationships, using the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub to find out how technology and community interaction can inspire the artistic process, and elevate the work itself to another level.”


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