[Exclusive] Dive Into The Occult In This Coliseum "Black Magic Punks" Music Video Premiere - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive] Dive Into The Occult In This Coliseum “Black Magic Punks” Music Video Premiere



Bloody-Disgusting is excited to bring you the exclusive music video premiere for Coliseum‘s “Black Magic Punks”, which comes off their upcoming album Sister Faith. The video is full of occult imagery and uses vivid colors similar to the style of Dario Argento. You can watch this exclusive premiere below.

John Baizley of Baroness recently wrote, “Musical progression tends to come at the expense of quality or ethics, and Coliseum have sacrificed neither. Though punk-rock may have been the template (and paradigms DO shift), songwriting and emotional content have become Coliseums focus, and to that end they have gracefully transitioned from the unrelenting anger, rage, and rawness of youth to a more thought-provoking, yet no-less-powerful or insightful sound that is entirely their own.

Sister Faith comes out Apr. 30th via Temporary Residence LTD. A North American tour is in plans for May/June.

Photo by Nick Thieneman

Director Max Moore comments, “When Ryan from Coliseum and I first started talking about doing a video for ‘Black Magic Punks,’ he had only abstract ideas for colors (rich reds and blues) and something with an ‘Italian thriller vibe,’ which I thought was totally cool. Once I found the awesome location of the old church it led the video into a more cult-like, religious direction. Using Ryan’s original ideas of color, I decided to show the strong reds through the imagery of flowing blood and the strong blues in the moonlit backgrounds contrasting with the soft white lit band performance. Overall in the video, I really hoped to elicit strong emotion, be it excitement, disgust, uncertainty, et cetera.

Coliseum’s Ryan Patterson (vocals/guitars) adds, “The three of us in the band felt strongly that ‘Black Magic Punks’ be the first song released from Sister Faith because it felt like a proper Coliseum anthem and a great way to begin this chapter of our journey. Lyrically the song celebrates the groundwork laid by the ‘punks before’ while simultaneously indulging and indicting the sometimes vapid occult fixation found in the dark corners of music culture. Plus, the title seemed to serve as an unintentional epithet for the band.

When it came time to create a visual representation for the song I immediately went to Max Moore. Max is part of Louisville’s incredible music and art community and we’d worked together on other projects in the past, with results so great that I recommended him to my friends in Converge, among others. I mentioned various loose ideas to Max and sent him clips from films by Bava and Argento (as well as Guillermo del Toro’s stellar early short “Geometria”) as reference points. From there, Max did what he does best (including finding an incredible location for the shoot) and created something even better than we had hoped!

Upcoming tour dates:
27 April 2013 – Kent, UK @ Platform 5, Ashford
28 April 2013 – Cornwall, UK @ Live Bar, Truro
29 April 2013 – Brighton, UK @ Green Door Store w/ Narrows
30 April 2013 – Leeds, UK @ Brudenell Social Club w/ Narrows
01 May 2013 – Bristol, UK @ The Exchange w/ Narrows
02 May 2013 – London, UK @ XOYO w/ Narrows

Coliseum on-line:
Official Website

Sister Faith track listing:
1. Disappear From Sight (1:57)
2. Last/Lost (2:04)
3. Doing Time (2:57)
4. Love Under Will (5:22)
5. Under The Blood Of The Moon (1:57)
6. Used Blood (3:48)
7. Late Night Trains (3:49)
8. Everything In Glass (5:01)
9. Black Magic Punks (2:46)
10. Save Everything (3:51)
11. Bad Will (2:54)
12. Sister Faith (4:01)
13. Fuzzbang (3:38)

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