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Thomas Jane To Direct And Star In ‘Wet House’!



I’m eagerly awaiting Red Machine, a grizzly bear movie directed by Saw V‘s David Hackl and starring James Marsden, Billy Bob Thornton, Thomas Jane, Piper Perabo, Scott Glenn, Adam Beach, Michaela McManus and Kelly Curran. But in the meantime we can exclusively report that its screenwriter Jack Reher is reteaming with its star Thomas Jane for the upcoming Wet House, a horror film that Jane will direct as well as star in.

Reher explains what a “Wet House” is, “These places are popping up all over the United States. Kind of creepy. People go there by their own admission when they give up on life and their addictions. By means of drinking or drugs, late-stage users go to a Wet House when all hope is lost. Then they die…” Having known a few addicts and alcoholics, this seems pretty disturbing.

The film is “an elevated genre supernatural thriller and is loosely based on Charles Dickens’ classic ghost story “The Signal-Man.” A doctor treats a patient that checks in there after a horrific car accident and meets another resident that predicts tragic things that haven’t happened yet.. Slowly the doctor loses grip on his sanity in the Wet House and becomes haunted by something sinister.

Tonally the film will resemble a mixture of Jacob’s Ladder, Poltergeist, and Secret Window. As far as Red Machine goes, we’re hearing it’s going to be hitting sometime this summer.