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10 Most Evil Characters In Horror By Andrew Tate Of Within The Ruins



Horror films are full of characters that terrify us, stoking our fears and making us wonder, “Could that type of person actually exist?” These are the characters that are truly evil, the ones that will always stick out in our minds as the worst of the worst. They haunt our dreams, they make us run to our bedroom once we turn off the lights, they give us the shivers when we are in a basement.

These are the characters that Within The Ruins bassist Andrew Tate was thinking of when he put together his 10 Most Evil Characters In Horror list for Bloody-Disgusting. You can check out the list below.

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1. Kurt Barlow- Head Vampire in Salem’s Lot
I picked him because this is one movie when I was younger that scared the crap out of me. The fact this vampire was shipped into the town and started turning people into vampires frightened me. Not to mention that he is one ugly dude and had no remorse for turning kids in the movie

2. Pinhead- Hellraiser
This guy to me has always been on my list of evil people. Being that he comes from another dimension, he comes to our world to harvest souls and I feel that he is pretty damn evil and brutal. His use of summoning the hooks and chains to kill people and his magic skills to conjure up all sorts of havoc makes him definitely a very evil character for anyone to deal with.

3. Leatherface- Texas Chainsaw Massacre
This guy now takes innocent people who are lost, kills them by torture or just with no remorse then takes the body parts and does all sorts of things with them, whether it’s taking the skin off and making masks, eating the parts, or taking the bones and keeping the house intact. He has no reason to not be one of the more evil characters in film. Not to mention he uses a bunch of big chainsaws to slice and destroy all his victims.

4. Jack Torrance- The Shining
This character goes from being sort of a psycho to extremely psycho. He moves his family to better their lives only to then become a raging psychopath and turn on them. He follows the orders of the ghosts that live in the hotel and almost ends up killing his family, but they escape and he ends up freezing to death in the end. Quite an evil man

5. Marlow- 30 Days of Night
Vampires in general will always be evil characters in any films, but this guy stood out more than most to me. He was the head vampire in the movie and seemed like a smarter vampire than most, leading the rest of them on a brutal killing spree on the small Alaska town. There are many awesome killing scenes in this movie and I will always remember the quote he says when a girl was begging for God to save her. He simply looks up, waits, looks the girl in the face and says “No God..”

6. Pazuzu- The Exorcist
This is the demon that possesses Regan in The Exorcist. Not only does the demon cause all sorts of havoc and peril in the house, it made some of the most messed up and memorable scenes in any movie that I have seen growing up. Plus the fact that the whole thing is happening to a little girl takes the cake on evil scale.

7. Otis Driftwood- House Of 1000 Corpses/The Devil’s Rejects
This guy is just one of those all around badasses that does not give a crap about anything or anyone. Almost on a level of how Leatherface is, him and his family take in lost strangers and innocent people and dismember them, torture them, rape them and just kill anyone they feel like. He believes he is the Devil and who is more evil than the Devil himself?

8. Fred Krueger- Nightmare On Elm Street
This guy was burned alive by the towns people for being a child killer/rapist, then came back to haunt everyone that believed in him in their dreams. Not much you can do considering every human needs sleep. He came with his famous claw glove and would morph into all sorts of messed up entities upon killing his victims. I will admit, I had nightmares about this guy and he is easily one of the most evil and recognized evil characters around.

9. Pyramid Head- Silent Hill
I played these video games when I was younger and played the whole series on all the consoles. I can say that first couple were easily some of the scariest games to come out at that time, then many years later made a movie based off the 2nd game. The one guy that freaked me out most was the character they called Pyramid Head. He roams the land in Silent Hill with a pyramid shaped head and a massive sword or spear. He almost has the persona of an old executioner. He even goes and rips the flesh completely off a woman with no struggle.

10. Hannibal Lecter- Silence Of The Lambs/Hannibal
An expert in psychology and he has an extremely high IQ, but also a man who loves to kill people who make bad choices or don’t live the proper life. He has more of an elegant way of going about his murders, but still showing what he is about. I’ll forever remember the part in Silence Of The Lambs where the officer is mounted in on the jail cell all gutted. He is awesome at what he did but was an evil man at the same time.

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